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We value our customers' experience at Evans Chiropractic & Pain Relief Laser Clinic. Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

The phrase, "No pain, no gain" is now obsolete in my thinking. I am restored to life, and I gained it without suffering pain. 

After reading about Dr. Evans and her MLS Class IV laser therapy, (which did, by the way, actually relieve my knee pain without the use of braces, without any injections, or surgery) I put my faith in her and in the team at the office of Dr. Evans. 

Following treatments my knee pain was relived by 90%. No kidding. It worked beautifully! The other 10% can be attributed, I believe, to my old age. 

Due to my new found happiness, I am planning to start up a new Boy Scout Troop for Senior Citizens with this motto: "Be Repaired" by Dr. Evans. I feel lucky to have found the knowledgeable Dr. Evans and her staff at the Chiropractic, Pain Laser, and Acupuncture Center. 

Edward L. 

Before treatments with the MLS laser I could not: Walk easily due to sciatica pain.

What has changed in your life?: The treatments have eliminated the sciatica pain. As a PhD Chemist from MIT I was skeptical regarding the science behind the procedure, I now know that in regard to my condition it works. -

Jay M.

Before treatments with the MLS laser I could not: Walk up and down stairs normally without a lot of pain and stiffness. Exercise and long walks were out of the question. I could only go to sleep after taking pain medication.

What has changed in your life?: Pain and stiffness has been greatly diminished. Stairs are easy to take now after having more than half of my treatments. I can sleep pain free with no medication.  Dr. Evans laser treatments are completely pain free.

Joyce P.

Before treatments with the MLS laser I could not: Move around without constant lower back pain. While mobile I was always in pain.

What has changed in your life?: Now I am virtually pain free. My mobility is more fluid and I'm not afraid to bend or stoop to tie my shoelaces or pick up the newspaper. I'm glad I have these adjustments and the opportunity to get out of pain.


Before treatments with the MLS laser I could not: Use my back very well, now it seems to work better.

After receiving MLS Class 4 Laser treatments: It seems to be getting better. This is a nice place to come and it seems to be helping.

Larry B.

Before treatments with the MLS laser I could not: Feel my left hand and had excruciating arm, mid-back, and upper shoulder pain on the left side.

After receiving MLS Class 4 Laser treatments:  The arm pain is totally gone and other than a slight numbness of the left pinky finger I can now feel the rest of my left hand.

Barbara B.

Before treatments with the MLS laser I could not: Stand or walk very well. I needed two canes or my walker to get around.

What has changed in your life?: After receiving the MLS Class 4 Laser treatments I am 75% better than the day I walked or nearly crawled into Dr. Evans' clinic. The people here at Evans' clinic are fantastic! They are congenial, helpful, and very concerned for your well being. I'm glad to have come across Dr. Evans' ad in the paper. Help was waiting for me!!

Joyce S.

Before treatments with the MLS laser I could not: Sleep well. My back was tight and uncomfortable during the night. 

What has changed in your life?: I can feel the improvements in my back each morning.

Regular care with Dr. Evans, along with my orthotics has improved my back pain and straightened my spine.


Dear Dr. Evans,

I just want to Thank You for taking such good care of me. I came to you after seeing many other doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists and acupuncturists for my foot and back pain.  It was exciting to be one of the first to try the new MLS Class 4 laser and have such success with the treatments. I was hurting for a long time so I didn't get better overnight, but you kept taking the time to try new and different things that helped me progress and recover. I also appreciate you taking the time you did to examine me, my gait, my foot, and my posture to help me get to the root of my structural problems. Your willingness to try new and different adjustments and exercises made all the difference in addition to the laser treatments. I am so happy to be feeling better and able to work without pain in my foot. Thank you again for all you help! 

Dr. L. Reid

Dr. Evans,

Thank you so much for all you have done! I feel like I have my life back again! You have helped both my neck and my heart and I am full of optimistic hope of living out the rest of my life without the hindrance of daily pain. I cannot thank you enough!

E. Kurth

Dr. Evans,

Thank you for all the time you've spent on helping my lower back get better. I went to a chiropractor before I came to your clinic and felt much more comfortable at your clinic and felt like I was getting much better care. You really get to know the patients you work with. You've helped me get back to swimming after I wasn't able to for a month and I cannot thank you enough!

M. Farrell

I have been seeing Dr. Evans since the summer of 2011. With the mixture of traditional chiropractic care and a new laser treatment, I see improvement in my back pain. With this treatment I am now reducing my pain medication. I believe with more treatments with Dr. Evans, my lower back pain will soon be corrected. Thank you!

Ms. T. Rizer

Before Chiropractic treatments I could not function on a normal day to day routine.  I had injuries as the result of a car accident. When your back hurts nothing seems to work correctly. The after results from treatment with Dr Evans were tremendous. I felt like my old self again. I moved before treatments were over and saw Chiropractor #2, no comparison. After another accident where I fell and again hurt my back and broke both wrists I saw Chiropractor #3, but not getting the same results, came back to Dr. Evans.  Even though I drive almost an hour to see Dr Evans, I feel it is well worth it. 

N. Metzger 

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